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  60kHz Shielded Loop Antenna             updated 10-16-2010
  GPS-Disciplined 10MHz Oscillator 1             updated 9-6-2008
  GPS-Disciplined 10MHz Oscillator 2             updated 4-14-2014
  Heating/Cooling Load Calculations             updated 6-16-2013
  Hot-tub PID Heater Control             updated 1-11-2012
  Hot-tub PID Heater Control Rebuild             new page 4-15-2012
  Pure beauty: The Sine Wave             created 11-11-2014
  About RC Oscillators             updated 10-26-2011
  Lamps for Stabilizing Oscillators             updated 10-9-2011
  Heath IG-18 Oscillator #1 -- re-greened original             updated 5-23-2011
  Heath IG-18 Oscillator #2 -- Cordell's SV design             rewritten 6-29-2012
  Heath IG-18 Oscillator #3 -- HP's 339A design             updated 6-11-2012
  Heath IG-18 Oscillator #4 -- HP 339A variant             created 6-14-2012, updated 8-11-2012
  About Total Harmonic Distortion Analyzers             updated 4-28-2015
  Active Twin‑T Notch Filter             updated 12-16-2014
  Greening the HP 334A Distortion Analyzer             complete rewrite 6-25-2012
  Mod of Heath IP-2718 Triple Output Power Supply             updated 6-18-2011
  Repair & Mod of GR 1562‑A Sound Level Calibrator             updated 7-26-2012
  Received Wisdom
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Spring rhododendron in Grapeview, Washington, USA

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